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From time to time we send out little newsletters to our members with What's New, News & Specials 

If you would like to view these please click on the links below (Newsletters are in pdf format and you will require adobe reader to view)

April Newsletter : *Discount Store - Spare Parts & Equipment* Autumn Garden Notes

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  April '02 Newsletter
  Sep '02 Newsletter
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Business/Rounds 4 Sale

Jan '03 Updates * Drought * Update on Collex Bins * Securing you mobile Phone * For Sale * Support *Website related * Become a Workcover Provider (Vic) * WA licensing requirements + Re: PCI Mag + Trailer Theft & Solution * And More

Sep '02 Updates

Headings Include: * Free Programs * Mt Waverly Mower Power Specials * MEY Equip Workshops (WA) * Hinterland Mowers (Qld) specials * Local Call numbers *Insurance Scheme * PCI Mag + Freebies * 1,000 Biz Cards $69 * Thank-you * Further details Collex * Herbicide Licensing WA & SA.

July '02 Updates

Headings Include: * Public Liability Insurance * Advertising Deal Vic * Another special offer for members * 12 wks to spring * Collex Bins * PCI Magazine * For Sale * Aussieboy Lawn Sprayer * MEY Cylinder Mower

Members Update

As many of our members are aware you have updated and revised our Training manual.  Those of you who do not have the 2nd Edition know most of what we have put in this updated manual as you speak to Dean so often and he shares his tips and new ideas with you anyway.  However, we would like to offer you a download of the business plan that is now in our manual (which includes full explanations of each section in order to make writing your business plan a breeze).  

Instructions for downloading (This is a large file so we highly recommend you do download it)

  • Right click HERE and choose "Save target as" and save this file to your computer.  Please take note of which folder you have saved it to so you can find it when download has finished :)

  • To view this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, of you do not have please CLICK HERE to go to go to adobe's download page. 

  • In order to access this file you will need a password, so just give us a call on 1800 501 662 and we'll give it to you.  This is a members only file, and only members will be given the password.  Non members please remember that this is merely an update to our training manual, you will get this and a lot more if you join :-)



Over A Years Advertising (See Below For Details) In The Yellow Pages And Local Papers 

(Advertising coverage for a Total of 15 Months)

Comparing Prices All Round

Column 1: Network Price - 4UD (122.5mm x 84.5mm) Ad in Yellow Pages and 31 Local Papers!

Column 2: You would Pay The average price you'd pay for 1 local paper and a 4UD ad in the Yellow Pages.

Column 3 to 6: Y Pages 4UD to 1UD 4UD being the largest ad, 1UD the smallest display ad available through the Yellow Pages.

Column 7: Local Paper Only Price you'd pay for a display ad in your local papers at our previous discount rate (which is cheaper then you would get it).

Yellow Pages Advertising In Victoria

The ad to the left is an example of the ad that will run in the yellow pages. The format is not yet finalized but we hope it will look something like this!  The Size of the ad will be 122.5mm x 84.5mm.  

Click on the picture to the left to view the Advertisement in Full Size.  To get back to this page please hit the back button on your browser!

Advertising Through 31 Local Papers In Victoria

Click on the image to the left for a Full Map of Local Newspaper coverage in Victoria. To get back to this page just hit the back button on your browser.

 For more information or to express your interest or to Reserve your spot please phone Dean on 1800-501-662 or email info@indmowing.com.au

Other Quick Messages

  • Got a letter from Mike from Mt Waverley Mower Power today, congratulating us o n our 4 th  year of successful business and he thanks all the guys in our Network for the continued support they are giving him!

  • MEY Equipment has a newsletter out and you can subscribe by visiting their website www.mey.com.au

  • Please if you come across anyone that stands through good prices or service please let us know.  We'll look into them, and if they are good then we can recommend them to other members.

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