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Buying Or Selling Of Customers

The following pages are designed to help people entering this industry and wanting to purchase a lawn mowing business.

The Truth: This is an account of what we have seen in this industry and some factors you need to consider.

Buying Vs. Starting Your Own: This was written after reading a suggestion on an Incorporated Associations website that due to high

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advertising costs and competition they strongly recommend against starting a round from scratch.  This is in my opinion false information and my arguments to support this claim are stated herein.

Update: While reading the above mentioned website today, I noticed the association still has the above information written under purchasing rounds (where they are trying to encourage people to purchase rounds) and then on another page where they are trying to encourage members to advertise with them they say that a single job obtained from $130 advertising investment pays for the advertising.  So it seems my arguments are not required as they prove themselves wrong without my help.

Analysing & Valuing A Round: In this section we have attempted to answer the following questions: What is a customer base and how should it be sold/valued?  What are customers really worth what factors should be considered. 

Questions To Ask: List of some questions that should be asked and considerations that need to be taken into account.

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